Partners with Auro Technologies

Partners with Auro Technologies

ResoNetz Airfolc Inc., a Japanese specialist for media network solutions, today announced that it will incorporate industry-leading Auro-3D® audio standards into its hardware products through a new partnership with Auro Technologies, the Belgium-based leading immersive audio technology company. Auro-3D allows producers to create the most natural Immersive Sound experience on today’s market, offering listeners the sensation of being completely immersed in an auditory environment. As a result of today’s collaboration, Auro-Cx coding & streaming technologies are now native to RSX-1010, ResoNetz Airfolc Inc.’s first pro-audio solution for Hikari Denwa, a Japanese IP-based communication network. RSX-1010 transmits packets of audio data to a receiver unit, which unpacks the packets and creates the original audio channels. These audio channels can be encoded or decoded in real time over a wide area network (WAN) or a local area network (LAN) – enabling international live transmission of Auro-3D native content in high resolution audio over IP with incomparable stability.

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Inter BEE 2017

Inter BEE 2017

MI Seven Japan, Syntax Japan, Genelec Japan and ResoNetz Airfolc will exhibit in the professional audio department of Inter BEE 2017 (Hall 2/2417) to be held at Makuhari Messe from Wednesday, November 15. At the ResoNetz Airfolc booth, RSX - 1010 which made practical use of data connection service of NTT Hikari Denwa (IP telephone service) for commercial voice transmission will further evolve. Also, November 15th / 17th 14pm and November 16th 12pm, "Application example incorporating Auro codec in ResoNetz product" seminar will be held in the booth. With the system with RSX - 128D which provides evolution by adding the video signal and Auro CX codec option card · RSX - SDI.MADI and automating format conversion and volume control of multichannel audio, future multichannel We will introduce examples of application to broadcasting. Please join us by making a reservation.

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The Sapporo Snow Festival (さっぽろ雪まつり) is an annually event in Sapporo, over seven days in February. It is one of the largest and most distinctive winter events. Around two million people visit the festival every year to see the hundreds of snow statues and ice sculptures in central Sapporo and at the Satoland site. The event in 2017 was featuring ice sculptures of iconic locations, movie characters, celebrities, including US president Donald Trump. One of the largest exhibits of the festival was Paris' famous monument, the Arc de Triomphe, measuring 17.5 metres in height and 24 metres in width - one-third the size of the original. The Snow festival was shown in the TV and on public viewing sites with up to 8K video. High-quality audio for 3D surround viewings was transmitted with several RESONETZ EM-64 via the internet throughout the country.

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RESONETZ CEO Masahiko Tange demonstrates the RSX-1010 with a bi-directional realtime connection directly from the INTERBEE booth in Tokyo to Kyoto via NTT´s HIKARI DENWA network. A high-quality music signal was sent to Kyoto and looped back to the stage monitors. With high-resolution, ultra-low latency and without any interruption. The high-bandwidth connection was initiated in 1 second and stopped with the simple press of the button on the remote.

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INTERBEE 2016: RSX-1010 and DM-128M

At the INTERBEE 2016 in Tokyo, RESONETZ Airfolc Inc. presents the new RSX-1010 and the special customized DM-128M. The RSX-1010 is a 10-channel RESONETZ LINK CONVERTER with additional InterCom I/O and support for NTT HIKARI DENWA. The DM-128M is a highly flexible multi-channel metering solution with MADI and RESONETZ LINK I/Os. It supports external displays or TVs and integrates loudness metering for multiple surround masters.

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