Sample Rate control and correction is essential for any kind of IP network transfers.

The quality of sampling rate conversion depends on several factors, like the quality of interpolation and the value of the oversampling frequency. With multi-channel conversion another important factor comes into play. Usually a samplerate conversion is performed on mono or stereo signals during mastering or post production with a software algorithm or with a 3rd party hardware chip in the signal path. For multi-channel devices, like a MADI converter, up to 32 SRC chips need to be used. Unfortunately such an amount of individual conversions on different hardware chips introduces slight differences between the multiple channels and can alter the signal quality.

RESONETZ devicdes, like the RSX-1010 and the DM-128M, integrate a high-quality SRC algorithm for all digital inputs - directly built-into the FPGA. Compared to 3rd party chip solution, all channels are perfectly in sync.

May the FPGA be with you.