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A classical concert is a unique moment of art creation. Groundbreaking, innovative IP technology can make it available everywhere - immediately and as true as possible.

The most influential revolution in human history takes place in a short blink of an eye: all-spanning IP networks arise everywhere and form a new global consciousness, the internet.

Connecting every place with any place by self-travelling IP packets, all appearances of media can be directly transmitted to the end customer’s (mobile) communication device - in the moment of their creation. And there is more: network technology is not only the backbone of modern entertainment business. It simply became the essential base of modern collaborative labour.

Using IP networks for Broadcast and communication applications is consequently the best solution to provide high-quality, lossless audio and video transmission locally and even across global distances.

Based on the existing and constantly growing network infrastructure with long range high-performance fiber connections huge distances can be bridged in realtime. Massive amounts of data can be transmitted - with nearly zero latency. The IP future in the world of professional audio and video has just begun - and it will change everything.

What we do:


Since nearly 20 years, a predecessor company provided high-specialized hardware and software solutions for a wide range of Japan’s global players in the music and computer business. The company successfully developed server software, which implemented Internet protocols and advanced FPGA solutions for countless successful products of the media industry. The company collected an impressive portfolio of professional audio solutions, which made it the first choice for highly ambitious projects in the industry.

After pioneering the first fully working and highly reliable network audio transmission technology for japanese broadcast stations, a dedicated company was founded in 2014, to focus on the future development of this technology: RESONETZ

With the advanced Audio-over-IP protocol “RESONETZ LINK” and related hardware products, the company provides key products for the exponential growing market of network media communication.

The company holds international patents for the reliable realtime transmission of media data in modern networks.

A pool of additional technologies, like high-end sample-rate conversion and sophisticated audio solutions allow the creation of innovative, market-leading communication products for the media industry. All development is done by an in-house team of experienced product managers, hardware developers and software programmers.

Photo: RESONETZ AIRFOLC CEO Masahiko Tange.
As one of the most respected and award-winning japanese FPGA and software developers, Mr. Masahiko Tange developed an ambitious vision of bringing high-quality media directly from the source of creation to the end customer with the help of advanced network technologies.

CE Masahiko Tange


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We provide high-value solutions for professional applications in Broadcast, Live Recording and Installation Sound. Core features are Media-over-IP, Pro Audio interfacing/routing and reliable high-quality audio transmission.


We licence special patented and propietary RESONETZ solutions and algorithms to 3rd party customers.


We are developing solutions for dedicated applications and high-profile customers.


We provide a special pro-audio and media software and hardware development and engineering services for 3rd party companies.